33. Leighton F. Anunciacion

Opera In Space

My name is Leighton Anunciacion, contractor with Deltha-Critique at NASA Ames Research Center.  I work in the Technology Partnerships Division as an Agreements Specialist Coordinator and also support various projects within the division.  Music has been a part of my life from a as long as I can remember.  My parents would play different genres of music throughout the day.  Whether it was big band orchestra, current and past top 40 hits or my parents’ folk songs from their native country, Philippines, my sisters and I were always surrounded by music.  From each stage of my life I can probably pick out a song or songs to represent my experiences of that time period.  So as I start my journey with NASA, why not signify a new chapter of my life with the ISO experience!  As I see and meet the other members of this group, I am inspired by the collage of people and styles of music coming together for this one collaborative effort. Even with our combined levels of training; beginner, novice or expert, we understand each other.  Music is truly a world language!

International Space Orchestra’s member: Leighton Anunciacion is in the choir