52. Matthew Linton

Opera In Space

Matt Linton has spent a decade at NASA Ames as an engineer and member of the
NASA “Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team” – an all-hazard Urban Search
and Rescue team.  Composed of NASA technicians, engineers and other staff,
the team employs the professional skills of the NASA family to solve
complicated rescue challenges in times of crisis on behalf of NASA and
our surrounding community.  As a heavy rescue specialist and water rescue
captain, Matt gets to enjoy tormenting his body by alternating between
sedentary periods in front of a computer and intense physical exertion during
training and rescue deployments.

Matt has been an amateur cellist for 1/5 of his Cello’s lifespan and
enjoys playing informally on cliffs, bluffs and in outdoor spaces at night.
His favorite music for consumption includes Irish Metal, Industrial,
Punk and EBM.

International Space Orchestra’s member: Matthew Linton plays cello