The Team

*Director and International Space Orchestra’s creator: Nelly Ben Hayoun
*International Space Orchestra Musical Director: Evan Price
*Gorillaz’s Musical Director: Michael Smith
*Choir Conductors: Jimmy Kansau,  Joel Chapman and Eric Tuan
*Project Manager: Phoebe Greenwood (2012)
*Produced by Nelly Ben Hayoun Studio
* A NASA Ames educational outreach activity (2012)
* Endorsed by the International Space University and Singularity University
* With the kind support of XL Recordings
*The International Space Orchestra, Ground-Control: An Opera in Space is commissioned by ZERO1 Biennial with support from Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Montalvo Arts Center, the Science and Technology Corporation, Taksha University and V2_ .
* The International Space Orchestra, Live on Davies Symphony Hall stage with BECK, comissioned by Pop-Up Magazine and Mc Sweeneys for the  Special Song Reader Issue.

The International Space Orchestra’s music has been composed and arranged by:

* GROUND- CONTROL: A Neil Armstrong Tribute, an Opera in 3 acts, co-written by LCROSS and LADEE Flight Director Rusty Hunt and Nelly Ben Hayoun based on the Apollo 11 transcripts, arranged by EVAN PRICE (World Premiere)

* The Bravest Man In The Universe: music and lyrics by DAMON ALBARN, BOBBY WOMACK, HAROLD PAYNE and RICHARD RUSSELL. Arranged by MIKE SMITH for the International Space Orchestra

* Wow Signal – 1420 Fanfare PENGUIN CAFE, ARTHUR JEFFES (World Premiere)

* Auraura Choralis, PENGUIN CAFEARTHUR JEFFES (World Premiere)

* Kimi Wa Epuron, Boku Wa Pantaron , MAYWA DENKI, Nobumichi Tosa, arranged by Satoru Wono for the International Space Orchestra

* The Kepler Aria, Trad music arranged by Evan Price for the International Space Orchestra, lyrics by BRUCE STERLING and JASMINA TESANOVIC

* Heaven’s Ladder, music arranged for the ISO by Evan Price, Lyrics and composition by BECK

Special Thanks to Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack, Richard Russell, Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic, Nobumichi Tosa, Arthur Jeffes, Beck and Evan Price for taking part in this spatial adventure!

Thanks to XL Recordings:
Phil Lee, Imran Ahmed, Sonya Kolowrat, Harold Payne, Michael Smith, Claire Taylor

 Thanks to ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.
Alisa Coleman

The International Space Orchestra, Ground-control: An Opera in Space is being performed by:

+ Dr Pete Worden, Head of NASA Ames Research Center- Gong
+ Jacob Cohen, Chief scientist, NASA Ames Research Center- Gong
+ Rusty Hunt, NASA Flight Director LCROSS Lunar Impactor, NASA Ames Research Center- Saxophone
+ Barbara Jo Navarro, Asst. Chief, Flight Systems Implementation Branch at NASA Ames Research Center- Trumpet
+ Yvonne Cagle, NASA Astronaut, NASA Ames Research Center- Bass Drum and triangle
+ Gregory D Paulson, ARC-P, Universities Space Research Association-Trombone
+ Mary Paulson, Gregory N. Paulson’s mother-Flute and Piccolo
+ Ralph Bach, Analyst at NASA Ames Research Center, Aviation and Aerospace- Trumpet
+ Frank Caradonna, Aeronautical engineer, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Ames Jazz Band- Piano
+ Robert ‘Bob’ Crow, Retired, NASA Ames Jazz Band- Saxophone
+ Matthew J Daigle,Research Computer Scientist Intelligent Systems Division NASA Ames Research Center- Guitar
+ Paul K Davis, Instrument Development Technical Group, NASA Ames Research Center- Viola and violin
+Johnathan.W.Conley, NASA Ames research Center-Percussion
+ Larry Farnsley, Electrical Engineer, NASA Ames Jazz Band- String and electric bass
+ Theodore Garbeff,Research engineer at the experimental fluid physics branch, NASA Ames Research Center- Violin
+ Elisabeth B Gee Giessler, Google Employee- Violin
+ Michael A. K. Gross, Software and systems engineer for SOFIA, NASA Ames- Trombone
+ Lukas Gruendler,Research Assistant at SETI Institute- Trombone
+ Vanessa Kuroda, Code RE Electronics Engineer, LADEE Communications, NASA Ames- Piano
+ Matthew Linton,IT Security Specialist at NASA Ames Research Center- Cello
+ Gregory Lindsay,NASA Ames Jazz Band- Drums
+ Rodney Martin,Computer engineer, Intelligent Data Understanding (IDU) Group, NASA Ames Research Center- Percussion and triangle
+ Veronica Phillips,Technical writer, Stinger Gaffarian Technologies, Inc-Clarinet
+ Annette Rodrigues,Former associate director for Center Operations at NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Ames Bluegrass Band- Ukulele
+ David P Roland,Optics Engineer, Telescope Technologist-Dobro and ukulele
+ Peter J Robinson,Computer Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center- Bassoon
+ Arthur Schwartz,Retired, founder and ex-officio member of the Air and Space Education Foundation- French Horn
+ Michael A Wilson,NASA Ames Astrobiology Institute- Saxophone
+ Janice Bishop, Senior Research Scientist, SETI Institute- clarinet
+ Scott Poll, Intelligent Systems Division. NASA Ames Research Center- violin
+ Shea Comfort, worked for NASA on on developing guidance systems for Mercury, Gemini & Apollo.- Duduk Player


+ Aileen Aniciete, Administrative Assistant Intern, NASA Ames Research Center
+ Leighton Anunciacion, Technology Partnerships Division, Deltha-Critique. NASA Ames Research Center
+ Karen Bradford, Chief of Staff, NASA Ames Research Center
+ Craig D Burkhard, Micro 6 Project Advisor, NASA Ames Research Center
+ John Cumbers, Synthetic Biology Program, NASA Ames Research Center
+Jamie Drew, Science manager, NASA Ames Research Center
+ Zhenzhen Cumbers, John Cumbers’ daughter
+ Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, VP, Operations, Singularity University
+ Aleta Hayes, Lecturer, Stanford, and NASA Ames collaborator
+ Michaela Herman, Web developer, NASA Ames Research Center
+ Sarah Hobart, LADEE, Software and Space Systems manager NASA Ames Research Center
+ Geoffrey Lee, Project Manager, NASA Research Park
+ Derek Love, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, NASA Ames Research Center
+ Laura Shawnee, Education Specialist at NASA Ames Research Center
+ Marianne Ryan, Director of Leadership & Engagement at Singularity University
+ Jasmina Tesanovic, ISO Librettist
+ Ellen Schwartz, Arthur Schwartz’s daughter
+ Jonathan Knowles, Design Chair, Singularity University


A film directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun
Original Concept: Nelly Ben Hayoun
Film Editor: Alice Powell
Executive Producer: Nelly Ben Hayoun
Musical Director: Evan Price
Camera Operator : Karna Sigurðardóttir
Camera Operator : Viktor Sebastian
Camera Operator : Nelly Ben Hayoun
Camera Assistant: Gregory Singer
Camera Assistant: Matt Maio
Nelly Ben Hayoun’s interview Camera Operator: Matthew Murdoch
Sound Mixer supervisor: Alan Chang
Sound Mixer supervisor: Viktor Sebastian
Sound Recording: Alan Chang
Sound Recording: Viktor Sebastian
Sound Recording: Nelly Ben Hayoun
Nelly Ben Hayoun’s jumpsuit: Ruby Rocks
ISO Costume Design: Aephie Huimi
ISO Logo: David Benqué
Footage Skywalker Nelly Ben Hayoun and Leslie Ann Jones: Jesse.V.Carpenter

The International Space Orchestra Film MUSIC

Ground Control: A Neil Armstrong Tribute
Written by LCROSS and LADEE Flight Director Rusty Hunt and Nelly Ben Hayoun based on the Apollo 11 transcripts.
Music composed by Evan Price

The Bravest Man In The Universe
Music and lyrics by Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack, Harold Payne and Richard Russell
Arranged by Mike Smith for the International Space Orchestra

Wow Signal – 1420 Fanfare
Music and lyrics written by Arthur Jeffes

Auraura Choralis
Written by Arthur Jeffes

Kimi Wa Epuron, Boku Wa Pantaron 
Written by Maywa Denki, Novmichi Tosa
Arranged by Satoru Wono for the International Space Orchestra

The Kepler Aria
Trad music arranged by Evan Price for the International Space Orchestra,
Lyrics by Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic

Bosso 1
Written and arranged by: Arthur Jeffes and Oli Langford
Published by Editions Penguin Cafe Limited © 2012
From the album “Insofar” performed by the Sundog
(p) +© 2012 Editions Penguin Cafe Limited

Bosso 2
Written and arranged by: Arthur Jeffes and Oli Langford
Published by Editions Penguin Cafe Limited © 2012
From the album “Insofar” performed by the Sundog
(p) +© 2012 Editions Penguin Cafe Limited

Both hands in Pocket
Written by: Arthur Jeffes
Published by Editions Penguin Cafe Limited © 2012
From the album “Insofar” performed by the Sundog
(p) +© 2012 Editions Penguin Cafe Limited

For you when it rains
Written by Arthur Jeffes
Published by Editions Penguin Cafe Limited © 2012
From the album “Insofar” performed by the Sundog
(p) +© 2012 Editions Penguin Cafe Limited

Special thanks to the Ways-Means film crew:

Shooter/camera crew director – Sebastian Pardo
Producer – Lana Kim
Director of Photography – Autumn Durald
Shooter – Matthew Miller
Shooter – Jeff Webster
Production Assistant – Stephen Pagano
Sound Recordist: Anthony Enns
Shooter: Jeff J Webster
Sound Engineer / Mixer Jiwoo Han
Production Assistant: Dylan DiMaggio

ISO Graphics

Web Design: Studio Myers
International Space Orchestra vinyl cover artwork: Phil Lee
ISO Catalogue and Invites: Martin Schapiro
International Space Orchestra logo and ISO Logo Patch, Graphic Design by David Benque
First mission Patch design by Timothy Gagnon and Jorge Cartes
Nelly Ben Hayoun Studio Graphic Designer: Maria-Inès Chevallier


Neil Berrett and Nelly Ben Hayoun

Set design:

Designed by Nelly Ben Hayoun
Set production: Method 42 Productions
Technical manager: Chris Esparza

NASA Ames:

Dr Pete Worden
Karen and Katherine Bradford
John W. Boyd
Donald G. James
Carolina Blake
Sheila Johnson
Terence Pagaduan
Raj Shea
Laura Shawnee
Edward Schilling
Yvonne Clearwater
Pamela Beato-Day
John W.Bowland
Carolina Rudisel
Cara Dodge
Claudia Rico
Hector De La Torre
James D. Schalkwyk

Z33, House for Contemporary Arts, Hasselt, Belgium

Director: Jan Boelen

Project Manager: Ils Huygens

International Space University

ISO main adviser and Director of the Master Programme: Dr. Chris Welch

Singularity University

VP, Operations: Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom

Editions Penguin Cafe Limited

Arthur Jeffes
James Ware
Joanna Stephenson
Lucy Protheroe

Skywalker Sound:

Phil Benson
Leslie Ann Jones
Randy Thom:
Robert Gatley
Judy Kirschner
Sean Martin
Skywalker Sound Mixing by Evan Price, Arthur Jeffes and Michael Smith

The Science and Technology Corporation:

Dr Adarsh Deepak: President and CEO

Taksha University:

Dr Adarsh Deepak:Chairman and Board of Trustees
Ravi Deepak: Manager, Taksha University-Silicon Valley Office (SVO), NASA Research Park (NRP) Moffett Field

ZERO1 Biennial, Arts and Technology:

Curated by Michelle Kasprzak (V2_ Netherlands) as part of ‘Seeking Silicon Valley” exhibition
Curator of Programme: Jaime Austin
Curatorial Assistant: Anne Babel
Exhibition Manager: Mark Shunney

Montalvo Arts Center:

Julie Thorne
Donna Conwell
Kelly Sicat


Peter Platzer

Reka Kovacs

The Lighhouse, Brighton

Honor Harger
Jamie Wyld

And the International Space Orchestra would have not been made possible without the incredible support, generosity, advice, warm words and enthusiasm of a huge cast of wonderful people. Many, many thanks. “MERCI” to all of you for making this happen!

Laura Ben Hayoun and Vincent Chevallier
Nadine Stépanian
Suzanne Lee & Rob
Nick Ballon
Aaron Koblin
Matt Rutherford
Christine Gettins
André de Ridder
Stephen Higgins
Michael Smythe
Tim Olden and Nina Pope
Regina Peldszus
Gary L.Martin
Dr.Harriet Hawkins
Dr. Carina Fearnley
Prof. Dave Wark
Prof. Geoff Hall
Prof. Deborah Dixon
Dr.Ben Still
Cesar Harada
Matt Maio
Dr. Dave Clements
Brian Glass
Brigitte Lelievre
Peter Collard and Alice Masters
Evonne Mackenzie
Vicky Richardson
Brendan Walker and Jo Longhurst
Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen
Zoe Papadoupolou and Liz Monk
Regine Debatty
Rafael Ornes
Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby
Barbara Wallis
Georgia Ginsberg
Josh Ente
Martin Schapiro and John
Hiromi Ozaki
Aya Comori
Beatrice Galilée and Ralf
Nicola Triscott and Rob La Fresnais
Nahum Mantra
John Blakinger
Kate Nichols and Sassan, Melinda Erin Kausek
Eric Weidt
Chris Chafe
Stephen M. Sano
Paul Drury
Anna Meredith
Ellie Meredith
Farah Anede
Laureline Galliot
Noelle Mimoun
Alex Margot-Duclot
Kate Davies and Liam Young
Mike Vergalla
Kenneth Zin
Esther Mclaughlin
Nicola Quinn
Michel Ben Hayoun
Ruth McCullough
Olivier Manchon
Michael Tilson Thomas
Brian Turner
Joshua Grannell
Lorenzo Gigotti
Kris Tiner
Larry Sykes
Nicole Koltick
Caroline O’Sullivan
Anya Stafford
Theo, Janet and Owen
Lygia Stebbing
Matthew Irvine Brown
Marina McDougall
Mission Creek Cafe
Way Out Cafe
James Ware
Charles Lubar
Katherine Kramer
Andrew Leland
Lily Gurton-Wachter
Johanna Ross Agermann
Nemonie Craven
Peter Kelly
Bia Gayotto
Will Carey and family!
Niki Ford
Fred Frith and Heike Liss
Finn Liss
Yaya Chou
Fritz Haeg
Patricia Watts
Stephane, Delphine and Alfonse Thidet
Julien Pirrie
Sue Harding
Michelle Kasprzak
Edwin Carels
Erik Tijman
Capitaine Tosetti
Michael Madsen
Adam Ganz
Matthew Murdoch
Leonie Riches

The International Space Orchestra is a project dedicated to my Armenian grandmother and grandfather, Simone and Manoug Stepanian, who taught me that nothing is ever impossible. To my bold uncle Step Stepanian. With special thanks to the Stepanian family for their permanent support.

Ground-control: An Opera in Space, world premiere is paying tribute to NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong, for making it to the moon, all the way to the stars.